Veenaa Saynana

Veenaa Saynana Laughing Dolphin

Suffering from Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia?

Veenaa Saynana helps singles and professionals clear away the residues of fear, anxiety and trauma to thrive at their highest potential by expressing their authentic, creative selves to have amazing relationships and maximize sensual & sexual pleasure.

She has an uncanny ability to suss out her clients’ blind spots and effect gentle yet swift changes towards greater ease, enhanced health, happiness and wealth using tools and techniques that she has garnered over 40 years of studying with revered masters, curanderos (healers) and teachers from Vedic, Native American, South American and Hawaiian traditions.

Veenaa has helped thousands around the world clear away anxiety, depression, chronic illness and pain to live at their highest potential, blossoming to maximize pleasure, sensuality & creativity.

She is a medical intuitive, spiritual teacher, Master Healer, Author, Keynote Speaker & Group Facilitator. She has a Gold Medal with Distinction in Performance from the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts. She has over 25 years of experience, working for the Singapore Ministry of Education, doing corporate trainings for AWARE, Singapore Armed Forces, The Land Authority and private educational institutions. She studied extensively with Indian gurus, from the age of 10, learning sanskrit, Vedic teachings, tantra and healing. She is a certified Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Instructor (S-Vyasa), and has trained in numerous healing modalities. She is the founder of Dolphin Heart Tantra and helps individuals to clear away the residues of trauma, pain and anxiety at cellular somatic levels through private and group coaching, retreats and workshops.

The Magdalene LettersVeenaa is the author of ‘The Magdalene Letters – Flame of Ascension‘, a guidebook that unveils ancient rituals and ceremonies that open and ground our subtle & physical energies.

Her calm and soothing meditative voice can be heard on ‘Heaven’s Gateway’, a CD on ascension meditation, which is a great help for anxiety and insomnia, as her clients have discovered!

Her compassion and gentleness comes from her personal experience of pain and trauma from childhood abuse, living in a culturally repressive society that did not encourage female empowerment. It was on her personal quest for help, that she discovered divine inspiration and her calling to serve. Her powerful presence and charisma reflect a strong grounding and foundation in embodied feminine spirituality.

Veenaa Saynana has spent a decade teaching and studying various forms of conscious movement. She combines her passion and talents to teach what she loves- transformation through dance and the evolution through the heart. She counts among her teachers Devaji, Mooji, Saraswati Maa, Swami Hari Har Maharaj 1008, Mata Amritamayi, Heather Munro Pierce (Trance Dance), Samantha Sweetwater (Dancing Freedom), Zora La Couer (Biodanza), Olivia Corson (Body Tales) and many more.

She offers Dolphin Heart Tantra retreats, workshops, webinars and coaching sessions world-wide, on Zoom/Skype/phone and in person.