Cellular Memory DNA

Cellular Memory

This body has memories from over a million years ago when your ancestors were masters, You chose this body because it has all the tools you will need as you awaken.

Your DNA is a microchip that not only carries all of your biological information, it also carries all of your psychological information as well! Everything you experience is recorded in detail in your DNA: All of your thoughts. All of your traumas. All the details of your accidents and illnesses.

Everything that ever happened to your parents, your grandparents, and all of your ancestors is recorded and remembered by your DNA. This is the greatest computer ever designed! It is your gift! It is your connection to the human internet! It is your search engine!

The problem is that the information about your cosmic abilities is buried beneath layers of your ancestors’ karma. All of their mistakes, all of their avoidance patterns, and all of their pain and frustration are layered over the information that you need!

It would be so much fun if we could just tap into the sacred gifts that are contained in your cellular memory! What amazing things we could do! What a huge volume of information you would have at your disposal! You could pass any test without having to open a book! You could heal any disease even before you get sick!

The task that lies before us is how to uncover those sacred powers and memories. But before we can open the door that holds those powers, we must clear away the debris that blocks the door from opening! Karma!
We all feel frustrated when our karma comes out! It’s like a “Jack in the Box”! The wrong stuff comes out when we least want it!

We get upset when we say things that hurt our friends and loved ones! We wish we could go back and erase it! But it came out so fast that we couldn’t stop it! Why?

This is all part of our challenge to clear away the debris that blocks the door to our power!

They say that in order to gain a great gift, we must pay a great price. In a way it’s true! We must uncover the trauma before we can get to the power!

Karma is never healed until you can feel it. As my good friend John Grey said in his first best selling book, “What you can feel, you can heal! If you cannot feel it, you cannot heal it!” This is very true about karma.

We cannot clear our karma by just thinking about it. No karma is ever removed just because we understand it. We must feel it before we heal it. We must experience it and undo it.

The great Tibetan Master Naropa said, “Karma is not your enemy. It is your best friend! It is your teacher. It is this teacher that will bring you to Enlightenment!”

Clearing the karma may be uncomfortable, but it has great rewards. Karma brings us power and realization. As a teacher and future master we must learn everything about human karma so that we can help others to do the same. What we learn about karma must be passed on to as many others as possible. This will open the door to our greater gifts and abilities.

You chose this body for a reason. You bought this computer for all the information that it holds. All the information includes all of the karma and all of the gifts. To be human is to learn and to grow. We cannot select only the good things! We must look into our challenges and greet them with a smile. “Teach me!”

Your Cellular Memory is your encyclopedia for every thing you will do. it is your greatest asset to not only become Enlightened, but to be of service to humanity as well. Your Cellular Memory is your guidebook to being human and your textbook to become a living Master!

~ Bob Fikes