Ceremonial Services | Veenaa Saynana Laughing DolphinVeenaa is a Master Ceremonialist, specializing in creating ceremony and ritual for every occasion. Drawing upon influences from Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Goddess and pagan traditions, she blends a wealth of ritual, prayer, intent and invocation into a visually stunning cornucopia that feeds the heart, mind and soul of all who are present. Blessed with a divine voice, Veenaa brings a very high vibrational field as she chants and sings sacred hymns in several languages. With flowers, incense, sacred oils and symbology in the form of mandalas and yantras, Veenaa creates a sacred tapestry in which your life’s journey takes on a spiritual dimension, bringing added joy and harmony into your life.

Veenaa has undergone intensive preparation by her spiritual guides who have prepared her through initiations, ceremonies, portal work, healing and much more. She works with many guides and master teachers from different faiths and traditions. Each ceremony brings with it a different energy as it combines intent and focused prayer. Ceremonies can be performed to clear unwanted energies from individuals and spaces, to bring in auspicious energies, to mark beginnings and endings. Special ceremonies are performed to honor the milestones of life-conscious birth, marriage, divorce/separation and death. A special ceremony can be created to suit your unique, personal needs.

Veenaa also leads and teaches from her upcoming channeled book, Mary Magdalene Speaks- Gateway to Empowerment. She leads special moon blood ceremonies to honor the first period experienced by maidens; abortion and miscarriage rituals to heal the parents’ unresolved grief and issues and sacred conception ceremonies for would-be parents who are seeking to consciously conceive and birth a child.

Ceremonies and Rituals

“Modern society is intensely secular: even those who regret this admit it. The irony is that, after excluding the mystical tradition from our cultural mainstream and claiming to find it irrelevant to our concerns, so many of us feel empty without it.”
– David Maybury-Lewis, Millennium

After many years of involvement in the realm of human spirituality, we’ve come to know that we have a very human need for ceremonies and rituals! They fulfill an important role in meeting our psychological and spiritual needs. Even folks who might have moved away from religious or traditional ritual still enjoy and are moved by these spiritual ceremonies that bring the highest, most sacred essence of divinity into our lives. These remind us of our own divinity and that every moment in our harried lives is, essentially sacred.

We need to address our human concerns and emotions; to announce out loud and in the presence of those who matter, those milestones and pitfalls successfully navigated, the cycles of life that we’ve lived through, and the final event that we all experience…the ending of a life lived well.

Rituals are part of our basic need for validation and for positive reinforcement. It’s our need for closure and renewal. These can include, but are not limited to:

1.) Celebrations to welcome a new child into the world. This will not be a baptism, but a celebration of life, and a public pronouncement of caring and concern, of appointing those who will nurture and protect this helpless and innocent new human.

2.) Divorce/Separation ceremonies for closure and for healing with maturity and dignity. This can be a powerful and effective tool to release pain (and blame), so that everyone can move forward with compassion and forgiveness.

3.) Consciously Dying – A special ceremony for preparation into sacred dying. Guides are contacted and preparation, restoration, grieving, forgiving

4.) Memorials for the passing of a person. This is offered from a human and spiritual perspective, rather than a religious one. We will celebrate the life of this special person, and look forward to the healing and natural grieving that results in a new dawn in the lives of those knew him or her, celebrating their life and the gift that it was to you.

5.) Cleansing Rituals to validate pain, anger, happiness and joy. We do this to cleanse the spirit, by recognizing your uniqueness and value. This ceremony is especially helpful in allowing your wounded inner child to summarize its journey and move towards healing.

6.) World Healing or Planetary Blessing Ceremony. (Group Ceremony)
Ceremony is created around sacred surrender and releasing old tapes, conditioned behaviors and memories. A special connection is established with universal love energy and a divine matrix is created. A special galactic portal is created to facilitate the entry point and anchoring of angelic energy to raise the consciousness, not only of the group, but of the entire world/universe.

7.) Abortion/Miscarriage Healing Ceremony

Participants will be led through the sacred passage of grief & loss, letting go and acceptance  in healing the loss of a child through abortion or miscarriage. This is open to both men and women, parents who have experienced either an abortion, a stillborn child or a miscarriage, who seek to heal unresolved issues, to clear away any residual emotions such as grief, shame, guilt or anger, and to heal and bless the sacred cords between the parent and child