Coyote Medicine

Coyote Medicine

Coyote Medicine refers to trickster medicine. It has its roots in Native American Shamanism, where all animals have unique spiritual and symbolic characteristics which form their power medicine. One determines which animals are their totems i.e. power animals through divination or sightings, and are then able to utilize their totem animals’ specific medicine to remedy issues in their lives.

Coyote Medicine is one of the most powerful shamanic medicines available because it is guided by the machinations of your higher self, working with your internal Guidance Positioning System (GPS) while opposing the force of your own stubborn, unwilling nature. The conscious mind is run by the false ego self which seeks to separate and isolate in order to individuate. The conscious mind makes up only 10%, while the subconscious mind makes up 90%. This is a powerful process when you are developing your identity as a toddler and seek separation in order to discover and establish your unique personality and identity, i.e. the process of individuation. Your subconscious is the receptacle of all the trauma you have undergone, and the beliefs that were formed as a result of the trauma, is known as the Trauma Survival Pattern (TSP). Everyone of us has a different TSP, due to the differences in the details of the trauma and how we respond individually to the trauma.

There comes a point when your GPS realizes that certain belief systems in your TSP no longer serve your forward movement and that you need to grow beyond the place of stagnation, where you find yourself to be. Stagnation refers to the place where change has ceased to happen, due to the refusal to change.

This is where Coyote Medicine steps in, in tricking the false negative ego self, which is stubborn and hates change, by tricking the conscious mind into making a ‘mistake’ in order to facilitate a massive change. Understand that no one else but you, working with the fragmented parts of your own psyche, is involved in the process. Coyote medicine may employ other people, but all of it is orchestrated by your higher self, with its higher wisdom of knowing that change is crucial. Once it decides that the time for change is imminent, it starts of a whole chain of events in an effort to ‘trick’ the stubborn ego to release and let go, bringing it to a place of total surrender in abject humility. It is this place of being brought to your knees where the most power lies; the power to surrender and open to miracles.

Let me share a few examples.

In 2008, I visited Joshua Tree National Park, and did a meditative sand painting at the suggestion of a friend, who said that it was a very powerful place for manifesting all that you wanted. I had a list the length of my arm, asking for very specific things such as a heated pool and jacuzzi, a house that faced a park with a water feature running through it, a lover who was heavier than me and who could touch me the way I touched myself, in other words, exquisitely! and the freedom from the worry of paying bills.

A month later, I received the guidance to stop work completely, to stop doing healing sessions, workshops etc. I began spending my time going to the YMCA, and doing yoga and swimming everyday. It was a welcome respite because I had been working very hard, editing my book, traveling and giving talks and had burnt myself out. I received several insistent messages from my guides “Go to Eugene, Go to Eugene!” I thought it was because my ex lover, Justine, lived there and had recently been diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to go to Eugene and be there for her and help support her healing process. So I went ahead and booked a plane ticket and arranged to stay at my Justine’s girl-friend’s house. I felt the need to make some connections in Eugene, Oregon as I didn’t know many people there and so joined an online dating site and made friends with a lonely disabled widower, Bill. I could not get Bill’s face out of my mind, and when I arrived, I called him and we chatted on the phone. I felt a strong wave of attraction, which I found highly unusual.

My ex’s girlfriend began to feel threatened by me and suddenly asked me, with no warning, to leave. I had no where to go and did not want to bother Justine, who was going through chemotherapy. I had already arranged to meet the widower, Bill, in the afternoon, and called him to cancel our date, but it turned out that he had arrived early and was parked in the driveway. Bill kindly offered me a place to stay for a night or two, until I could figure out where else to go.

I landed at his place, feeling confused and mortified at the sudden and abrupt turn of events. My ego was screaming at the rejection I felt from being kicked out from the house, and did not like the place of discomfort of the precariousness of living off of savings and not knowing whether I would be safe and cared for. I was internally screaming at my guides for guiding so insistently to Eugene. After I calmed down, and looked around the place, it had unbelievably al the things I asked for on my sand painting at Joshua Tree! The house bordered the state park and had the Willamette River flowing down the middle! There was a heated pool and jacuzzi and a clubhouse where I could lead my events. I fell in love with Bill, and we enjoyed a nurturing relationship. I cooked the most amazing meals and he lost 60 lbs without even trying!

This is a very clear example of how my stubborn ego and pride was tricked by Coyote Medicine, being put in a place of neediness that enabled my dreams to be fulfilled. If I had not been in that needy and humble place, I would not have opened myself to seeing Bill clearly, past his weight and disability, for the loving man that he is.
Being in Eugene, I was able to lead events, meet significant soul tribe and do the spiritual work and development that I needed with the full support of Bill, who treasured and valued me. This incident gave me a healthy respect for Coyote Medicine and I have learnt to work with it more peacefully.

A client of mine, who carries heavy childhood sexual trauma, signed up for a daylong workshop on Self-Love. The workshop description was clearly posted on my website and on the FB event page. He had booked it a month in advance and had ample time to look at the workshop details to determine if it was suitable for him. At the workshop itself, when the time rolled around to the actual Individual Self Pleasuring Exercise which involved sensual touch as part of self love, he expressed utter consternation and was highly uncomfortable throughout the activity. Although everyone had privacy and were focused on their own individual process, he felt uncomfortable at exploring his own self-love expressed in a sexual manner. His discomfort enabled him to grow in leaps and bounds for it caused him to take a deeper look at the blocks he had towards loving himself completely. He was forced to look at the shame and guilt he had carried since childhood, and was brought to a state of abject surrender. He managed to let go of the old stagnant emotions and come to a place of acceptance and peace. He had the courage to go within and face the demons inside. Today, he is happier and is enjoying more abundance than ever before.

Coyote Medicine will take you on a wild joy ride, sometimes masking its voice as the voice of your inner guidance. You will be led to places which you normally would not go, due to the stubbornness of the false ego self. Coyote Medicine brings you to the edge of your greatest discomfort, which is where the most powerful transformation lies.
Take a few moments to close your eyes and go inward. Take several deep breaths to ground and center yourself. Reflect back upon your life. Can you remember when you were guided to go somewhere or do something and it turned out very differently? Did you find yourself in a place of great discomfort, almost beside yourself at the edge of your sanity? How did you transform yourself and your situation? What insights were you able to take away from the whole situation? Did this enable you to grow? How? Take some time to reflect on the whole process and journal.

Veenaa Saynana