Dolphin Heart Online Empowerment Course

Dolphin Heart Empowerment Course

5 Week Online Program

1 Hour long Webinar per week

Includes step-by-step Tantric and shamanic processes, and weekly printouts

Wednesdays at 5-6pm PST
Begins: 7th March 2018

Dates: March 7, 14, 21, 28 & April 4th


Weekly Topics:

Week 1 – Relationship with self

Self talk vs self criticism, self compassion, self love practices
Shamanic Practices to heal relationship with self

Week 2 – Relationship with Ancestors and Soul Patterns

Understanding DNA patterns- how trauma and pain patterns get passed down
Discovering the Gifts Beneath the Pain
Clearing away ancestral discord and manifesting clear pathways to soul fulfillment

Week 3 – Changing the Nature of Our Beliefs

What and how do we give our power away to?
Mind body exercises that can change our perceptions and clear long standing blocks

Week 4 – Awakening Kundalini Energy

Understanding the Kundalini Fire
Awakening it Safely through the Higher Heart
Kundalini Exercises

Week 5 – Awakening Kundalini Energy Part 2

Tantric Breathwork and Pelvic Floor Work
Exercises for Opening the Channels of Psychic Gifts of the Awakened Soul


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$259 USD


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