Dolphin Heart Healing

Dolphin Heart Healing
(in-person or distant sessions)
These sessions are powerful in clearing away debilitating physical, emotional and psychic issues and chronic symptoms of illness, which may present as fear, anxiety, stress, shame, anger, guilt, etc. The sessions are highly recommended for people going through depression, anxiety attacks and who are experiencing dysfunctional emotional patterns.

Sessions take the form of a short intuitive reading of the aura, sharing and a deep releasing of ancestral, karmic issues as well layers of emotional pain and trauma. It is rounded off with a meditative shamanic journeying complete with drumming and Veenaa’s special channeled singing.

Throughout you are held in the space of Veenaa’s warm grounded ‘divine-mother’ love and compassion, where you are so clearly seen, held and honored as a sacred, divine being on a powerful journey of conscious evolution. You come out calm and peaceful, feeling like you have released tons of baggage, dysfunctional family karma and look younger, lighter and brighter.
The work revolves around intention setting, with the highest integrity maintained in adhering to what you specifically want cleared and are ready to manifest in your life. The work addresses the relevant issue/s at several different levels by:
• Providing clear, easy to understand information,
• Counseling and providing an alternative perspective to aid healing,
• Shamanic Releasing which is powerful in clearing away the residues of dis-ease, debilitating symptoms of anxiety, depression, fear, hormonal imbalances and more
• Deep re-patterning of trauma through the gentle balancing effect of drumming, yoga Nidra, meditation, singing and vocal healing attunements.

It is best to avoid stimulants 3 days prior to the session, so as to enable a deeper journeying. Make sure that you are well-hydrated for at least a week before and after the session, as water enables the movement of energy through the body. Practicing meditation as a preparation can help the body get into even deeper states more easily.

The sessions can be done in person or through the phone/Skype or Zoom. Both are equally effective as energy has no limitations.
Upon booking, clients will be sent a prep sheet with further directions, payment options and other matters.

Rates in USD:
Single Session Sliding Scale
$250-300 per phone/skype/zoom session


Package Rate: Discount on 5 sessions
$1000 for 5 (inquire about payment plan)


“Breaking my nose on the bottom of a swimming pool opened the door to energetic pain from childhood abuse that I had been living with. During my second session, I was feeling angry and scared as my current nose break was causing breathing difficulties and the inability to hear my voice when singing. I experienced pain in my nose, and Veenaa’s calm assurance that psychic surgery was being done on my nose. Within moments, the tension from my sinus headache faded and liquid actually flowed out into my ears. With a few pops, I could hear frequencies that I hadn’t heard since childhood. In the three weeks that followed my nose has miraculously straightened out, and I can breathe easily for the first time in thirty years. Veenaa has done more for me in 3 sessions than 30 years in therapy. Truly she has been a gift in my healing process.”

Nicole Monasterio, CA. 2014