Dolphin Heart Tantra

6 Month Program Starts in June!

~ Module 1: Blossoming ~

What is Dolphin Heart Tantra?


Dolphin Heart Tantra (DHT) is a foundational, state of the art, practical system of empowerment, that enables you to thrive at your highest potential, living life with joy, ease and abundance rather than struggling in survival mode, grappling with life, riddled with depression, anxiety and entertaining suicidal thoughts. It brings you the infinite wisdom of living life from a higher level of consciousness, by clearing perspectives and beliefs that you may have that create suffering and problems in your life.

It synthesizes brain wave entrainment, NLP, affirmations, Dolphin Light Language and sound healing, helping to alleviate stress, pain and illness.

It is offered in Core Modules Online, Private Dolphin Heart Tantra Sessions and Retreats in exotic places such as Bali, Kerala, Shanghai and The Gold Coast, Australia (See below for retreat information!).

It covers the four sides of the pyramid- providing practices that strengthen your core, enhance joy, making life actually magical, through PMES- Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual practices, that are not found in any other system. DHT brings you the high consciousness, playfulness, spontaneity, sensuality and sexuality of the dolphins, highly evolved, spiritual creatures who are not what people have made them out to be. Dolphins bring a heightened level of healing and elevate levels of well-being. In this system, you will learn things that you have never heard of before, and they will help change your consciousness at each stage of your journey, enabling you to be in your center and create what you need with magic and joy.

It synthesizes healing wisdom from the ancient Vedic, Native American and Hawaiian teachings. It brings sacred frequencies from the major power vortexes of the world – Bali, Uluru, Mt Shasta, Sedona, Hawaii, South Dakota, Taos, Serpent Mound, OH. Places where Veenaa Saynana, the founder of DHT, spent significant time meditating and receiving the energies and teachings. DHT will empower you to clear the energies of fear, anger/rage, frustration, guilt, jealousy, depression/grief, and allow you to move past the obstacles and blocks that have held you back for years, sometimes decades. It can enable better health, bringing you relief from chronic pain, illnesses, and stress related ailments. It can rebalance your hormones, quiet down your mind, providing the necessary stillness, and enable you to feel empowered, confident, clear and capable of creating what you wish to in this beautiful world, in perfect harmony with Mother Earth and humanity.


The earths energies are changing very rapidly, and as such, humanity is also changing rapidly. Choices that we have made in the past out of fear or practicality will not be able to withstand these new frequencies.

Jobs, relationships, locations etc will shift and change in an effort to bring us to complete alignment with our hearts desires and soul purpose. Things created solely to make money but are out of alignment with core values such as honoring the earth’s resources or respecting and valuing employees for example, will face disruptions and eventually be forced to close. These events may seem strange but they are already happening, as people are getting more aware, raising in frequency and starting to feel the ill-effects of being out of alignment.

The Schumann resonance and vibration of the Earth has significantly increased recently and is set to keep rising. What does this mean for us, in practical terms? This brings about a deep need to look at our shadow aspects, including sexual shame, sense of value and self-worth. Veenaa Saynana offers this journey from her heart. She was galvanized into action recently by several suicides by members in the healing and tantra community. Suicide often happens when the feeling is that of no way out. with immeasurable problems that somehow don’t seem to have a solution. It is a tragic loss of precious life, of human potential.

Trauma creates your unique perspective of the world . The world is not as you see it, because how you see it, is evolved from a trauma filter. Clear this trauma filter and your perspective and therefore your life changes. It has become vitally necessary to focus on building and strengthening our soul foundation and increasing alignment with our soul purpose in the face of these great shifts and geo-political instability. These times of great change can be destabilizing, therefore having a strong foundation is vital. Dealing with the shadow aspects of our being and strengthening our weak spots is vital to this work.

Doing so allows us to shine our fullest light and purpose and to truly thrive. It allows us to live life in abundance and engage in self-care. This 6-month program focuses on strengthening the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our pyramid foundation to provide holistic support and remedial course correction to address weak spots, like fixing the links in our chain. We are only as strong as the weakest link in our chain. In times of intense stress, such as when the Schumann Resonance rises yet again and again, we can be brought down by our weakest link. This whole course is designed to provide the necessary inner strength, fortitude and foundational practices that will hold us steady in the uncertain, yet potentially very blissful, times to come .


*6 Month Program from June- November 2017

*2 online circles per month: (Recordings will be emailed after every circle)

*Bonus Options: monthly mentoring and healing circles. See below for more details and full dates…

*Private facebook community support group

*Early bird special price open until May 15th

During the program, we will cover the four holistic pillars of our foundations:


  • Breath work
  • Pelvic floor and solar plexus exercise
  • Boundary exercises
  • Clearing away physical pain/discomfort/illness
  • Clearing away hereditary illnesses or conditions


  • Practices to strengthen, quiet and still the mind
  • Decrease mind chatter
  • Develop a practice of relaxation and reflection
  • Examine belief systems
  • Learn to talk to the subconscious and clear limiting beliefs using
  • Shamanic practice
  • Yoga mudra
  • Psychic work
  • Visualisations
  • Meditation
  • Deep processes unique to Dolphin Heart Tantra


  • Safely delve into and practice acceptance with shadow emotions such as rage, grief, and jealousy that we can be ashamed to feel
  • Dolphin Heart Tantra Cleansing Breath, Activation Codes, Initiations and Sacred Mantra
  • Practices to open, heal and activate the Dolphin Heart Chakra
  • Past life regression to heal from past experiences of being killed, raped and wounded
  • Past life healing around sexual, dark priestess arts such as seduction and manipulation of others for personal gain


This teaching provides the magical tools, with which you can navigate your life. It will awaken the magician in you, evoking your creative capacity to manifest your deep dreams with ease and grace. Veenaa Saynana will teach you from the experiences in her life, of manifesting houses, twin flame, clients, etc in simply days for over 15 years!

You will learn step by step techniques of creation, what it entails, practical techniques and more. Each fortnight you will be given an exercise sheet & notes from the webinar, that encapsulates what was taught.

This will be accompanied by the following:

  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Sound healing
  • Trauma healing, including ancestral memory lines
  • Clearing Limbic Imprint from birth
  • Healing gestational trauma from mother and father, including their fears, thoughts etc that were present while we were in the womb.
  • Clearing that which is contrary to your authentic nature

Who would benefit the most from this course:

Healers, therapists, tantrikas, students, professionals, midwives, trauma/abuse survivors, empaths. 
Anyone with chronic pain, bouts of anxiety/depression/insomnia. 
This is not meant to diagnose/treat/prescribe for any illness through Western Medicine. It provides a practical tool-kit, amazing techniques that are based on Eastern and Native Spirituality and a level of support that may be sorely needed in our disconnected modern, fast-paced world. 
The ones reading this are old souls. You have been through all of these types of experiences and will feel the truth of this through your body. It is necessary to clear the dark shadow and shine our fullest light. Thriving is imperative. Here you will be supported to be able to do what you are here to do.

Your Investment:

Early bird Savings!  ~ Till May 15th ~

Unbelievable Community Price!

Option One:

$49 per month x 6mths  or  $99 per month after May 15th

Includes: 2 Webinars with recordings available

Fortnightly Notes

Community Support through Secret FB Group

Option Two:

$99 per month x 6mths  or  $149 per month after May 15th

Includes: 2 webinars  with recordings available

2 Dolphin Mentoring group calls

Fortnightly Notes

Community Support through Secret FB Group

Option Three:

$149 per month x 6mths   or  $199 per month after May 15th

Includes: 2 webinars  with recordings available

2 Dolphin Mentoring group calls

I Dolphin Heart Tantra Group Healing Call

Fortnightly Notes

Community Support through Secret FB Group

Private Dolphin Heart Tantra Sessions are being offered internationally through Zoom at $250 only for a 2 hr session for May and June.

Contact Veenaa here to book a session.

This is being offered at price that are totally affordable to those on strict budgets to make it available to all who need it, regardless of income.

Please avail yourself of this opportunity to learn something of deep value, that is priceless, in fact, for isn’t your health, well-being and the ability to manifest all that you need priceless?

Please share this widely with friends and dear ones, because we owe it to ourselves to thrive and play at our highest potential. We are not meant to suffer needlessly, so if you know any woman in your circle who is, please send her this invaluable email as a gift. You never know – in these uncertain times, you may actually save a life.

Class Dates:

*Tuesdays 6-7pm PST, 10pm EST, 10am /// Wednesdays  Bali/Singapore Time, 12pm Brisbane Time.

(Please note the /// indicates the different day in different parts of the world)

June 6th///7th,  20th///21st

July 4th///5th,  18th///19th

Aug 1st///2nd,  15th///16th


Sept 12th///13th,  26th///27th

Oct 17th///18th,  31st///Nov 1st

Nov 14th///15th,  29th////30th

Dolphin Mentoring Group Calls

*Tuesdays 6-7pm PST, 10pm EST, 10am /// Wednesdays  Bali/Singapore Time, 12pm Brisbane Time.

June 13th///14th,  27th///28th

July 11th///12th,  25th///26th

Aug 8th///9th,  22nd///23rd


Sept 19th///20th,  Oct 3rd///4th

Oct 24th///25th,  Nov 7th///8th

Nov 21st///22nd,  Dec 5th////6th


Group Healing Calls

*Thursdays 6-7pm PST, 10pm EST, 10am /// Wednesdays  Bali/Singapore Time, 12pm Brisbane Time.

June 15th//16th

July  13th///14th


Sept 14th///15th

Oct 19th//20th

Nov 16th//17th


3 Days in Bali, Australia or Mt Shasta!

(In addtion to webinar package)

Come spend time being mentored by Veenaa in an exotic location of your choice!

$375 per month

$2250 total for 3 days with Veenaa

Includes: 4 Private Dolphin Mentoring Sessions and fun-filled excursions.

Does not include Accommodation/Airfare or meals.
Bookings must be made 2 months ahead of time. No refunds will be given for cancellations made 2 months before actual date of retreat.

About Veenaa:

Veenaa works primarily with women who have trauma and has helped thousands around the world clear away anxiety, depression, chronic illness and pain to live at their highest potential, blossoming to maximize pleasure, sensuality and creativity.Veenaa

She is a medical intuitive, spiritual teacher, master healer, author, keynote speaker and group facilitator. She has a Gold Medal with Distinction in Performance from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. She has over 25 years of experience working for the Singapore Ministry of Education, facilitating corporate training for AWARE, Singapore Armed Forces, The Land Authority and private educational institutions. From age 10 she studied extensively with Indian gurus and Indigenous teachers, learning Sanskrit, Vedic teachings, Tantra, shamanism and numerous modalities of healing. She is a certified Reiki Master and certified yoga instructor (S-Vyasa). She has taught extensively in USA, Canada, Hongkong, Bali, China, Australia and Singapore. She is the founder of Dolphin Heart Tantra, a foundational, state of the art, practical system of empowerment, that enables you to thrive at your highest potential by helping to clear away the residues of trauma, pain and anxiety through online group coaching, private sessions, retreats and workshops.