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“Breaking my nose on the bottom of a swimming pool opened the door to energetic pain from childhood abuse that I had been living with. During my second session, I was feeling angry and scared as my current nose break was causing breathing difficulties and the inability to hear my voice when singing. I experienced pain in my nose, and Veenaa’s calm assurance that psychic surgery was being done on my nose. Within moments, the tension from my sinus headache faded and liquid actually flowed out into my ears. With a few pops, I could hear frequencies that I hadn’t heard since childhood. In the three weeks that followed my nose has miraculously straightened out, and I can breathe easily for the first time in thirty years. Veenaa has done more for me in 3 sessions than 30 years in therapy. Truly she has been a gift in my healing process.”
Nicole Monasterio, CA. 2014

My healing sessions with Veenaa have been deep, nurturing, and significant. Veenaa’s warmth and compassion make me feel safe and cared for. Although the sessions are deep, I feel clearer afterwards, not foggy like I do after some energy work. I come away feeling lighter, grounded, and balanced. I can feel that I’ve been re-aligned from deep inside. I feel the shifts and clearing in my body right away. Truly powerful work done with caring, respect, and love.
Kitty K, Oakland, CA

I had the most profound healing transformational experience of my life with Veenaa. I have been needing intimate, pelvis-based touch and healing for so long and am so glad I finally found someone who can provide the support and intuitive work that I need. My body did all the talking and she was a great listener! So open to receiving guidance and using her healing gifts to help me release tension and let go wherever I needed to. I am so thankful for finding her and love her nurturing energy.
John H, NLP Practitioner/Coach, Berkeley, CA.

“I have worked with quite a wide range of therapists, counselors, energy workers and healers over the course of thirty years in New York City, New Mexico and California. I have found the work of Veenaa Laughing Dolphin, from our introductory consultation through the first three sessions of a five session program, to be some of the most effective, insightful and beneficial of any work I have ever done. She incorporates deeply intuitive techniques with shamanic healing sessions that get at the root of the issues being worked on, along with practical steps to follow to assist in this transformation.”
Harlan Emil Gruber,CA 2011 Artist, Sacred Geometry Specialist.

Veenaa Saynana’s BioVeenaa Saynana | Healing Services
Veenaa Saynana studied with a guru since the age of 10, learning Sanskrit and the ancient Vedic texts. She took initiation at the age of 12.

When she was 28, she studied with another guru, who taught her advanced skills and siddhis, tantra and kundalini work. She experienced a massive kundalini awakening ten years into this training, where her psychic skills and sexual energy were boosted. It took years to master this level of heightened energy. She has also studied with Native American teachers, Hawaiian Kahunas and spirit teachers and has been initiated by advanced masters. She has taken training in devotional singing, sound healing, and is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master.

She brings to her practice a steady groundedness, a kind and nurturing compassion and a gentle feminine wisdom. She has helped thousands around the world, being drawn to areas of natural disasters or deep conflict, such as the tsunami in 2004, where she helped in relief efforts in Bali. She has worked with the aboriginals in Australia since 2006, helping to clear areas of deep negativity and working on the ley lines in sacred sites such as Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Katajuta (The Olgas), The Great Wall of China, Mt Shasta, Mt Tamalpais, Mt Rainier, Sedona and others.

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