Healing Services

Veenaa Saynana offers the following healing services:

Medical Intuitive Readings | Dolphin Heart Healing  | Sexual Trauma Healing
DNA Sequencing | Divine Mentoring

Healing Services | Veenaa Saynana Laughing DolphinMedical Intuitive Reading
(Zoom Sessions with Audio or Video recording worldwide)

This detailed reading provides an in-depth look into medical symptoms that are causing ill-health, pain and distress providing clarity through clear and easy to understand terminology. Information about possible causes and treatments may also be provided. Clients may also request information on angelic lineages, soul purpose and past life issues. Valuable information can be provided on your health, finances, well-being, relationships, blocked energy and other issues that need attention upon request.

The reading provides clarity and guidance especially if you have been going through severe physical/emotional/ psychological challenges. It may include recommendations for better health and wellness by way of supplements, essential oils and Bach Flower remedies.


  • 1 hour – US$150

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Dolphin Heart Healing
(in-person or distant sessions)

These sessions are powerful in clearing away debilitating physical, emotional and psychic issues and chronic symptoms of illness, which may present as fear, anxiety, stress, shame, anger, guilt, etc. The sessions are highly recommended for people going through depression, anxiety attacks and who are experiencing dysfunctional emotional patterns . Sessions take the form of a short intuitive reading of the aura, sharing and a deep releasing of ancestral, karmic issues as well layers of emotional pain and trauma. It is rounded off with a meditative shamanic journeying complete with drumming and Veenaa’s special channeled singing. Throughout you are held in the space of Veenaa’s warm grounded ‘divine-mother’ love and compassion, where you are so clearly seen, held and honored as a sacred, divine being on a powerful journey of conscious evolution. You come out calm and peaceful, feeling like you have released tons of baggage, dysfunctional family karma and look younger, lighter and brighter.

The work revolves around intention setting, with the highest integrity maintained in adhering to what you specifically want cleared and are ready to manifest in your life. The work addresses the relevant issue/s at several different levels by

  • Providing clear, easy to understand information,
  • Counseling and providing an alternative perspective to aid healing,
  • Shamanic Releasing which is powerful in clearing away the residues of dis-ease, debilitating symptoms of anxiety, depression, fear, hormonal imbalances and more
  • Deep re-patterning of trauma through the gentle balancing effect of drumming, yoga Nidra, meditation, singing and vocal healing attunements.

It is best to avoid stimulants 3 days prior to the session, so as to enable a deeper journeying. Make sure that you are well-hydrated for at least a week before and after the session, as water enables the movement of energy through the body. Practicing meditation as a preparation can help the body get into even deeper states more easily.

The sessions can be done in person or through the phone/Skype or Zoom. Both are equally effective as energy has no limitations.

Upon booking, clients will be sent a prep sheet with further directions, payment options and other matters.

Rates in USD:

  • Sliding Scale
    $250 in person/Skype/Zoom per session
    $250-300 per phone/skype session
  • Package Rate: Discount on 5 sessions
    $1000 for 5 (inquire about payment plan)

“Breaking my nose on the bottom of a swimming pool opened the door to energetic pain from childhood abuse that I had been living with. During my second session, I was feeling angry and scared as my current nose break was causing breathing difficulties and the inability to hear my voice when singing. I experienced pain in my nose, and Veenaa’s calm assurance that psychic surgery was being done on my nose. Within moments, the tension from my sinus headache faded and liquid actually flowed out into my ears. With a few pops, I could hear frequencies that I hadn’t heard since childhood. In the three weeks that followed my nose has miraculously straightened out, and I can breathe easily for the first time in thirty years. Veenaa has done more for me in 3 sessions than 30 years in therapy. Truly she has been a gift in my healing process.”

Nicole Monasterio, CA. 2014
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Circumcision Healing/ Sexual Trauma Healing
(In Person or Skype Sessions )

This healing is recommended for circumcised males or women who have undergone some form of sexual/physical/verbal abuse and who experience difficulty connecting with significant others, maintaining intimate relationships and experience a disconnection within themselves.

Other signs of trauma:

  • Anxiety, depression, stress, low libido, hyper-vigilance, insomnia
  • Experiencing dysfunctional emotional patterns with loved ones
  • Inability to trust and allow love
  • Desire for control

386645_337046056323652_100000547808333_1222864_1303445793_nCircumcision is a form of genital mutilation as the most sensitive part of the penis (and the part that feels the most pleasure) is removed at birth. It is hugely traumatic and creates an inability to trust

Trauma for both men and women is stored in the body and continuously activated by triggers. The trauma creates disorders of mood, behavior, and poor social relationships arising from the failure to form normal attachments to primary care giving figures in early childhood. Such a failure would result from unusual early experiences of neglect, abuse, abrupt separation from caregivers between 6 months and three years of age, resulting in a lack of basic trust which in turn if not healed, is then carried into adulthood. Healing can take place on a powerful level through shamanic sexological sessions where layers of trauma can be transmuted and cleared effectively and permanently. Some clients have said that a few shamanic sessions are even more transformational than years of psychotherapy!

The sessions take the form of an evaluation, in the form of a medical intuitive reading, followed by a recommendation of a series of treatments of Sexological shamanic sessions where the trauma is cleared from the energy body. Sound healing takes place where mantras and singing bowls/drums/etc are played to heal the body and bring it back into balance. The client is regressed to a child-like state and held in an energetic embrace with a transmission of Divine Mother energy. A unique heart activation and shamanic initiation take place through Veenaa’s angelic singing. A rewiring of the central nervous system takes place. The focus is primarily based on healing and heart-opening. It is gentle, and the transformation occurs on a subtle yet very palpable level.

For Circumcised men: after sufficient sessions of clearing, psychic surgery may take place through the re-attachment of the foreskin on the energy body level.

Since trauma is deep and needs to be treated over time, it is recommended to do a series of 5 or 10 sessions to create lasting transformation and healing.
Package of 5 90 min sessions : Sliding Scale of between $1250- 2000
Package of 10 90 min sessions : Sliding Scale of between $2000-4000

My healing sessions with Veenaa have been deep, nurturing, and significant. Veenaa’s warmth and compassion make me feel safe and cared for. Although the sessions are deep, I feel clearer afterwards, not foggy like I do after some energy work. I come away feeling lighter, grounded, and balanced. I can feel that I’ve been re-aligned from deep inside. I feel the shifts and clearing in my body right away. Truly powerful work done with caring, respect, and love.
Kitty K, Oakland, CA

I had the most profound healing transformational experience of my life with Veenaa. I have been needing intimate, pelvis-based touch and healing for so long and am so glad I finally found someone who can provide the support and intuitive work that I need. My body did all the talking and she was a great listener! So open to receiving guidance and using her healing gifts to help me release tension and let go wherever I needed to. I am so thankful for finding her and love her nurturing energy.
John H, NLP Practitioner/Coach, Berkeley, CA.

“I have worked with quite a wide range of therapists, counselors, energy workers and healers over the course of thirty years in New York City, New Mexico and California. I have found the work of Veenaa Laughing Dolphin, from our introductory consultation through the first three sessions of a five session program, to be some of the most effective, insightful and beneficial of any work I have ever done. She incorporates deeply intuitive techniques with shamanic healing sessions that get at the root of the issues being worked on, along with practical steps to follow to assist in this transformation.”
Harlan Emil Gruber,CA 2011 Artist, Sacred Geometry Specialist.
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DNA Sequencing Therapy Sessions

Sessions last between 1 – 1 1/2 hr and are done  in person, over Skype or on the phone.

The DNA Sequencing Session involves the recalibration of your blood and your lineage to create a powerful transformation that is very effective in addressing chronic or inherited illnesses, dysfunctional family patterns and karmic blocks. The healing takes place with your ancestral memory line, a genetic link that holds your family’s karmic blueprint. Healing takes place for seven generations before and after you. This is very suitable for clients with dysfunctional family connections and/or chronic illness and pain. It is recommended that a minimum of 3 sessions be done to achieve maximum benefit. Positive change is visible individually after the 1st session. After the 3rd session, most clients start seeing positive effects happening within their family members.

Some of the changes that may happen for you:

Freedom from old debilitating fears, transforming of dysfunctional sleep patterns, freedom from chronic anxiety, feeling lighter and less burdened by stress & worry, having better relationships & deeper intimacy, looking younger, having freedom from old aches & pains, ability to access dream states, becoming more aware of multi-sensory perception, feeling more balanced and calm, feeling more grounded, and experiencing greater financial abundance.

Single Session $230
Package of 5 – Sliding Scale of $900- $1200

Details will be sent to you regarding payment by email.

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Divine Mentoring Session

The first part of this session focuses on spiritual inquiry, with an auric field reading through which information is given on the reasons behind illnesses, injury, karmic loss, ancestral lineage and more.

The second part focuses on depth journeying with sound activations with the dolphins and the Hathors, angelic sound guides. The end result will be a deep peace, clarity and a clear sense of purpose.

Rate: $180

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Veenaa Saynana’s BioVeenaa Saynana | Healing Services
Veenaa Saynana studied with a guru since the age of 10, learning Sanskrit and the ancient Vedic texts. She took initiation at the age of 12.

When she was 28, she studied with another guru, who taught her advanced skills and siddhis, tantra and kundalini work. She experienced a massive kundalini awakening ten years into this training, where her psychic skills and sexual energy were boosted. It took years to master this level of heightened energy. She has also studied with Native American teachers, Hawaiian Kahunas and spirit teachers and has been initiated by advanced masters. She has taken training in devotional singing, sound healing, and is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master.

She brings to her practice a steady groundedness, a kind and nurturing compassion and a gentle feminine wisdom. She has helped thousands around the world, being drawn to areas of natural disasters or deep conflict, such as the tsunami in 2004, where she helped in relief efforts in Bali. She has worked with the aboriginals in Australia since 2006, helping to clear areas of deep negativity and working on the ley lines in sacred sites such as Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Katajuta (The Olgas), The Great Wall of China, Mt Shasta, Mt Tamalpais, Mt Rainier, Sedona and others.

To work with Veenaa, please contact her by phone or email.