Magdelene Mystery School

Women’s Sacred Ritual & Dance

Saturday April 23rd 11am-5pm
Goddess Temple of Ashland, OR
$120-200 (Sliding Scale)

Led by
Veenaa Saynana Laughing Dolphin
Medical Intuitive, Psychic Surgeon,
Author of ‘The Magdalene Letters – Flame of Ascension

*Blood Moon Practices & Wisdom *Past Life Regression Healing
*Sweat & Sing *Shamanic Journeying *Sisterhood Bonding
*Sacred Dance *Sacred Breathwork *Includes Lunch & Spa

Through conscious sacred dance, participants will access their past life memories of their lives as temple priestesses, allowing for healing and forgiveness to take place. As ancient beings, we hold in our consciousness many karmic overlays which sometimes hold us back and prevent us from living fully and authentically. Many of us were killed, maimed, and hurt tragically in an attempt to shut us down and prevent us from speaking our truth. We hold these memories in the collective unconscious, and this dance daylong will enable a deep accessing of our sacred wisdom, the clearing of past misdeeds and the opening of our voices, bodies, hearts and pure expression of our heart’s truth.

We will engage in some delightful tantric practices, taken from Veenaa Saynana’s book, “The Magdalene Letters — Flame of Ascension”, to empower our life force and clear out blockages in our energy system. We will learn the power of sacred ritual around our moon blood, the essence of our femininity and strength. We will learn sacred mysteries about our blood and how to heal our sexual essence, information that was passed down from temple priestesses in a direct oral tradition, something that is missing in our modern culture.

We will be engaging in opening our voices through vocal channeling, composing and singing mantras, so please bring your musical instruments if you are drawn.

This dance daylong promises to be loads of fun, packed with temple wisdom, dancing, music, laughter, so do come on down, be prepared to get your sweet butt shaking and grooving, and enjoy a deep bonding with like minded women in a sisterhood of Magdalene joy. Welcome.

What to bring:

  • A blanket/cushion/pillows to form your ‘nest’
  • Journal/art/writing materials
  • An item for the communal altar
  • A small container of your blood (optional) Crones may use their urine.
  • Please dress in layers and be prepared to dance and sweat.
  • Anything else for your comfort.

To register, you may pay a deposit of $50 to secure your space here.

You may also pay in full, or make an additional payment here. You will need to enter a dollar amount when the PayPal payment page loads:

I have a few partial trade scholarships available for those in need and who feel called to participate. Please inquire and propose a trade. Bless your heart and welcome.

More About your Facilitator : Veenaa Saynana

Veenaa Saynana is an international facilitator, having worked and traveled in places such as Bali, Hongkong, Australia, Canada, and the USA. She is the author of ‘The Magdalene Letters — Flame of Ascension‘, a channeled book that she wrote while traveling with her twin flame down the Pacific Northwest, accessing sacred portals and mountains. She is trained in Past Life Regression, Yoga Nidra, Tantric Practices and is a certified Reiki Master. She is the founder of Sacred Burlesque, Prayerformance and the AIYU Institute. She has been described as a cross between Amma and John of God, as her healing sessions provide deep relief from pain and debilitating conditions. She has helped thousands around the world access their truth and find peace and love in their lives.