Heaven’s Gateway


Experience Veenaa’s warm soothing tones as she channels angelic guides and Goddesses.

You may play all three tracks of this album at one sitting, or choose to use individual tracks for short, intensive meditations. Each track serves a very specific & individual function. You may have very different experiences with each track each subsequent time you meditate.

You may employ the following steps to further enhance the quality of your meditations:

Creating Sacred Space
Create a safe, quiet space where you can sit or lie down undisturbed. Clear negative energies with sage, incense, essential oils or a clearing spray. Place crystals of your choice around you to focus and amplify the energy. Use inspiring sacred pictures/artwork/mandalas around you.

Veenaa Saynana: Heaven

Working with Intent
Express an all-comprehensive intent covering every area of your life, expanding your intent to the stars, to infinity. Call upon your guides and angels and ask them to lead you into the deepest states of meditation that you have ever experienced. Ask for what you particularly need at the moment, i.e. complete clarity, a clear sense of direction, guidance, focus, abundance, unconditional love, functional satisfying relationships, etc. Use the words “I give intent to have … in my life for the greatest and highest good.” You may also create a vision board to help you in co-creating your dream life.