Since your first healing, I have slept deeply, with peace and uninterrupted. The past couple of weeks have been the best sleep in years. Thank you. When you do your work on me, I literally stand on the edge of the Universe. It is scary but only for my ego. I find the work exhilarating and from a place both vast and familiar.  I needed the message about my body and listening to it. The opportunity to visit my “home” was a deep yearning in me and I thank you for reminding me that it is here. I have ventured back there a few times and it is bliss. Thank you, thank you. I received wonderful information since our last session. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and I am learning (and observing) how actions, energy and thoughts can have a way of effecting a broader system. I honor the divine order and have a better understanding of my role and the current state.   Love and gratitude… xo

J. , CA

Mo Lohaus, Healer/Bodyworker, Berkeley, CA - Testimonial for Veenaa Saynana Laughing Dolphin
Laughing Dolphin very accurately reads what is going on physically, emotionally, and historically within us and lovingly invites release, healing and transition.What a gentle, focused facilitator.

Mo Lohaus,
Healer/Bodyworker, Berkeley, CA.


Veenaa found ME!  I was suffering and she offered gentle nourishment combined with truths about my suffering ~ she has eyes that see differently.  Our first session was bold, real and powerful as she pierced a bubble that was previously invisible to me.  I was breathing more deeply and embodying my body more fully – my reality was altered.  Veenaa is one of the most potent, real and gentle healers that I have opened up to.  She is here to support us and literally is a LIGHT IN THE DARK!  Veenaa has had a journey that I can related to, as well.  I trust her.  She has continued to support me and answer questions as I walk my path and her unique wisdom inspires and resonates with me.  It has changed my life!  Thank you, Veenaa!

Brianna Le Bauve, CMT, Dancer, Berkeley, CA


Breaking my nose on the bottom of a swimming pool opened the door to energetic pain from childhood abuse that I had been living with. During my second session, I was feeling angry and sacred as my current nose break was causing breathing difficulties and the inability to hear my voice when singing. I experienced pain in my nose, and Veenaa’s calm assurance that psychic surgery was being done on my nose. Within moments, the tension from my sinus headache faded and liquid actually flowed out into my ears. With a few pops, I could hear frequencies that I hadn’t heard since childhood. In the three weeks that followed my nose has miraculously straightened out, and I can breathe easily for the first time in thirty years. Veenaa has done more for me in 3 sessions than 30 years in therapy. Truly she has been a gift in my healing process.

Nicole Monasterio, San Rafael, CA.


When having a session with you, Veenaa, I always feel the deep love and caring you have for your clients.  Your willingness to be of service and assistance in my clearing and releasing process immediately enabled me to trust you.  It seems to me as though you were being a midwife to the freer, happier self I knew I could be.  I feel deep gratitude for your gentle guidance, words of wisdom, and the revealing of information I had kept hidden from conscious awareness.  Though the changes may be subtle, they are certain, and I’m looking forward to exploring the world through new eyes.

Dianne Warner , San Leandro, CA


“How do you move mountains?  See Veena.  How do you change the world? See Veena.  That has been my experience.  In our first session, I was able to connect with and become at peace with a part of my past that had been missing for a long, long, long time.  In the sessions that followed she helped my achieve a deepening of peace that years of psychotherapy and Group therapy had not been able to.  I see the world and my life differently, clearer with more honesty and truth than had been available to me before meeting her. Veena, thank you”.

Mark Bello, Corte Madera, CA
Business Owner, Tribe of Men


Veenaa’s work elicited a powerful response from me. I felt my heart cracked open to new realms. I could suddenly see a new way of life that had eluded me for a long time, perhaps my whole life. She was the catalyst for this and I am so glad I worked with her.

It has been over a month since the session, and I keep opening up slightly more by the day. I had been in an enclosed kind of womb, and since working with Veena I am in a slow birth to a calmer spirit.

There were immediate responses too, like I had been very sad and the heaviness just lifted by the next day. I also went into a spontaneous meditation the next day that showed me how happy I really could be with a deeper calmness of spirit.

My life has changed a lot since my work with her, and I feel it gave me the positive strength to go on a serious path to a richer more fulfilling life.

I appreciate what Veenaa did for me very much.

Annie S. J., CA


I would like to thank you for facilitating such a powerful, moving and enlightening session for me. Through my session I was in a deep place, allowing a powerful journey to manifest. I trusted your every breath as if we were a different part of the same energy. I truly felt light and forward movement being easy and possible to achieve. As if there were no blocks. I got very clear on self love, every bit of self. And how the essense of life’s journey is to balance myself and to be present and still. Which are one in the same. Wow, what power I feel. Loving power. Thank you so much!! I love you. We are on a journey together. 🙂

Sheryll Chavarria, Philadelphia, USA

I met Veenaa at a training program, and I knew I wanted to work with her because I could immediately tell how present and aware she was.  When I spoke with her during the call before my session, I was increasingly impressed–every issue I brought up seemed to make sense to her and be something she was familiar with.  The conversation flowed and flowed–the way it does when I’m talking to someone who is very intuitively tuned-in.  During my session with her, she guided me through a journey that words cannot easily capture.  She homed in on my fears and desires and reflected back aspects of my character.  It felt wonderfully satisfied to be seen and heard in that way.  Near the end of the session, as she brought me back to reality, I felt something snap into place and tingle–Veenaa told me I had experienced a piece of my soul returning to my body.  Choosing to work with Veenaa meant choosing someone to see me as I was, accept me, and guide me compassionately and effectively on a growthful journey.  I would highly recommend her services as a shaman.

Divia Melwani, CA

I’m so grateful for my session with Veenaa. It feels like I will make significant changes in my life because I am now more able to walk on my own strong 2 feet both physically and metaphorically. I feel more grounded and nourished from the session, I am more of who I really am. I experienced Veenaa as a wise, compassionate knowledgeable guide who creates a place of rest and safety.

Towards the end of the session I felt a gold ball of light enter the back of my head. This was a great surprise to me. It seemed to fill my whole head including my mouth. It then melted and spread throughout my shoulders and then down my spine and around the rest of my body in a big surge of energy It was pretty amazing, I had never experienced anything like this before.

Anna C. Yang, Holistic Nurse & Flower Essence Practitioner

 Veenaa holds a safe and deep space to surrender. Surrendering is not something that comes easily for me and even if I would like to, I may not know how to. These healing sessions have been profoundly restorative to my nervous system. Veenaa has also helped me access places in my body and unconscious and release locked energy and beliefs. I am grateful for these journeys which are very powerful and integrating.

Marina Li, NC, HHC

Certified Nutritional Consultant & Holistic Health Coach, Biodanza Facilitator

Laughing Dolphin had a very strong intuitive sense of where my blockages were and honed in on those areas. I could feel the energy moving through my body. I was impressed with her level of expertise, her touch and her ability to hold space.

She holds so much love for others. People in need are drawn to her magnetically. She has an innate gift for knowing what they need in that moment. She is appropriately named Laughing Dolphin because she combines joy and playfulness with the sensuality of a dolphin moving through water.  Her laughter is incredibly infectious and fills a room up with joy. It is a gift to meet her and to work with her in such a profound and deep manner.

William D, CA, July ‘10

“I have worked with quite a wide range of therapists, counselors, energy workers and healers over the course of thirty years in New York City, New Mexico and California. I have found the work of Veenaa Laughing Dolphin, from our introductory consultation through the first three sessions of a five session counselling program, to be some of the most effective, insightful and beneficial of any work I have ever done. She incorporates deeply intuitive techniques with shamanic healing sessions that get at the root of the issues being worked on, along with practical steps to follow to assist in this transformation.”

Harlan Emil Gruber, CA March ’11
Artist, Sacred Geometry Specialist.

Laughing Dolphin is an open-hearted, amazing healer with a gift for sound work I’ve rarely heard. I felt deeply held in loving, positive regard throughout each session. After each healing from her, my creativity was off the charts, as though some block I didn’t even realize was there had been removed! I encourage you to contact her and experience her abilities for yourself.

Selene Steese, CA Nov ’10
Writer/Editor/Word Shaman/Priestess/Shamanic Soul Worker

The light language, singing and sound healing is truly amazing! Tingles, shivers, focused vibrations, weaving between various energy bodies, and much more. At one point this time, I felt that a light being laid down inside my body and it filled me!

I feel more at peace, at home, and in touch with my true nature now. Thank you so much for your work, for who you are, and for the light that you bring to this planet!
I love you Veenaa!

Allison, Colorado, USA

I have attended meditations guided by Veenaa at a few holistic centres in Singapore. Her smooth voice, clear instructions and her ability to connect with her spiritual guides greatly enhance the effectiveness of the meditation sessions. I always feel loved and a deep sense of peacefulness after each session.

Recently, Veenaa did past-life healing on me which was very powerful in clearing much of my negative karma…. The messages channeled by her were well described (as she is clairvoyant) and precise. She was most patient in ensuring that all negativities that needed to be cleared from my emotional, etheric and physical body were indeed being transmuted to the light. I have benefited much from that session.

Ann Tay, Healer, Singapore

Veenaa’s past life healing was truly a profound experience for me. I felt renewed after the session. I was also touched by her consideration and concern for my welfare throughout the session. She ensured that I was in a comfortable and relaxed position before the healing started and would regularly ask if I was OK throughout the process. In her caring presence, I did not feel “spooked” or unduly worried when I experienced cramps in my right ankle. She reassured me gently that it was because my foot was crushed in an accident before and that I was still carrying this old hurt in my current lifetime. After the session, I can safely say that the awareness of the issues in my past has helped me to face my fears, conquer them and put the past behind me.

Josephine, Singapore

“Veenaa reminds us that all sexual experience is sacred.’ Divine Revelations of the Kama Sutra’ filled me with passion and connection to Spirit. Using our sexual energy consciously allows us to commune reverently at the height of our human vulnerability.

Thank you Veenaa for the gift of knowledge revealed and savored.”

Rev. Justine Michaud, Connecticut, USA.

What happened for me in my session with Jalquin and Saynana was so immense, so amazing, that still, 3 weeks after, as I sit to write this testimonial I am finding it difficult to articulate all that happened and everything I experienced.

I will say that it was and continues to be, nothing short of miraculous, a flowing opening that has taken me on such an incredible journey, intensely sacred, intimate and revealing. Blocks which existed within my being have been, naturally, pushed to the surface, over the edge and into the light that is my centre…the Divine love, light and support has been astounding and very comforting. Thank you for the illumination.”

Astara, Dunoon, Australia

At my last healing, I met Veenaa Saynana and Jalquin – their energies are amazing, wonderful and powerful. They respect all individuals and give no judgments to all. They allow individual souls to liberate in mindfulness. I am sure many souls who had attended their workshops are thankful and left feeling empowered. We miss your presence and smiles.
Blessings to you both in your work.”

Chantel Tian, Singapore

“My session with Veenaa and Jalquin was a powerful synergy of energy healing, ceremony, repatterning and cosmic download. They work together in a beautiful and balanced flow, channeling information, energy, sound and ceremony from guides, Ascended Masters, star relations and dolphin intelligence. Veenaa and Jalquin work with the utmost integrity and compassion, creating a safe and loving space. This allowed me to enter an intense and highly effective place of deep release and receiving. I have tried many different healing and shamanic modalities over the years, and theirs is some of the most powerful healing and releasing work I have ever experienced. ”

Sarah Shockley, California, USA

…..I was not disappointed. From start to finish, the level of love, light and care that Veenaa and Jalquin resonate is special. I put that down to the fact that these two people are living breathing expressions of the very information that they teach. Most impressive to me was, how they spoke from a universal truth point.

And the way that they are aware of not infringing upon anyone else’s journey. Rather they simply inform, guide, channel, heal and create space for opportunity to manifest it….They made (it)…. such a treat, and their wisdom and teachings are universal and not learnt, cultured, or designed beliefs.

I highly recommend these people and value the service and love which they bring to the world. They are real warriors, who live and breathe purpose and practice what they teach.

Paul Daniel, NSW, Australia

“I had never experienced a spiritual healing before I met Veenaa and Jalquin. I sought them out because I felt trapped and blocked on many issues that years of therapy and religious practice had been unable to address. I had reached the point where I was willing to try anything that might provide even the slightest insight into how to heal those old wounds. What I experienced instead was the bursting of a dam, a release of pent-up negative emotion whose passing left me at peace and able to finally connect with myself. It was a profoundly life-altering experience with positive outcomes that I am still exploring to this day.”

Beth D. California, USA

Goddess workshop. You would be amazed at how amazing this workshop went. Each and every one of the women who attended experienced a transformational healing manifestation in their lives. This workshop was a god(dess) send! I thank you Veenaa for such a wonderful experience!

Sue K, California, USA

 I must tell you what a wonderful evening that was the other night. It really was amazing and I know my friends all got something really positive out of it. I hope you do this again sometime!!! I keep thinking about the dolphins….cool! You’re the “Divine” Miss V! Much love to you. Thank you.

Dana Tucker-Cook, Eugene, OR

Veena is an amazing healer, intuitive and channel for the divine feminine. Her connection to spirit is clear and she communicates with compassion and love. She has given me accurate counsel for spiritual as well as physical conditions. I love her meditation CD also. I am honored to call her a Quan Yin sister and my friend. Veena is a healer’s healer.

Debbie Dehm, Maui, HI

Setting up the Numerology chart for Veenaa I was impressed with the wondrous path she has chosen to walk. She came into this life to do great work and has followed her heart and her path to do that work all over the world. It is never easy to follow a path that leads us to travel and be constantly at the beck and call of others but Veenaa, like other great masters, has followed that path with love and healing skills, giving generously and lovingly to all those she comes into contact with. Her love for mankind and the healing energy she exudes are a gift to the world.”

Sandra Diebel, Beaverton, OR, Numerologist & Life Coach

“You are an incredible guide and channel – the CD that you gave me is amazing and any meditation you …. did when I was present was very powerful.”

Lori, Eugene, OR

About ‘MARY MAGDALENE SPEAKS’ by Veenaa Saynana Laughing Dolphin

Unveiled in Mary Magdalene Speaks are ancient rituals and ceremonies that open and ground our subtle and physical energies. Used through the ages to bring order and truth into our personal and social experience, these rituals bring the memory of our interconnectedness and offer guidance that pertains to a wide range of subjects, all leading us to return to the garden of our awakening.

There is an authentic stream of the Magdalene that infuses this amazing manual, bringing a sense that Magdalene continues to care about our choices, our realities, and our future.

The guidance in Mary Magdalene Speaks opens opportunities to remember your connection with Mary and to feel and utilize Magdalene’s vast knowledge,  a gift beyond measure!

Flo Aeveia Magdalena, author of I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena; Sunlight on Water: A Guide for Soul-full Living; and Honoring Your Child’s Spirit: Pre-birth Bonding and Communication

 At this period in history our souls yearn for the Divine Feminine energy which blessed our earth through the life and presence of Mary Magdalene two thousand years ago.   Once again, Mary Magdalene is blessing our planet through the open heart of Veenaa Saynana.  Through the words in this book you will open yourself to universal wisdom and be touched by Divine Love.

Suz Aird, Eugene, Oregon
Magdalene Speaks – Pathway To Empowerment is a beautiful reflection of the energy and love of Mary Magdalene. Veenaa Saynana has the courage to share what many of us have known to be true but few have spoken. It is written as a mother who cares for her children would, filled with enduring truths sprinkled with tough love.

Joan Cerio, author of In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul and creator of Coeuressence School of Self-Mastery

Actually what stands out about it to me is the common sense of it all. It’s beautiful, brilliant, and so stimulating. I would love to learn more about the sisters of Isis and how to be a student of their knowledge.

Erin Collins, Sacramento, USA