YOUR broken heart

YOUR broken heart

Your broken heart is a call for help.  When your beloved’s behavior does not meet your ideals, your expectations or ideas about love or how a lover should behave, you become so utterly disappointed and hurt that your heart constricts and shuts down. The song that your madly in love heart was singing is silenced and the winds of love that carried you high, crash lands you down on the flats of your barren and cold existence.  There is no spring in your step, no zing to your creativity and no spark to your smile.  That high energy that you felt being in love and being able to love is gone.  The contrast in energy is greatly and gravely felt in your entire being. The heart being the master battery of your energy machine shuts down the entire system. Desire, drive, creativity and libido vanish in the one fell swoop of a broken heart. You have lost your mojo, and everything appears bleak and dull. This is the landscape of a broken heart.  And, surprise, surprise, it can be your greatest gift and teacher.

Your broken heart is a wake-up call if you heed it as such. Your poor heart is sending an SOS to your entire body, to your senses, your moods and your appetite.  Tell me, is there anyone of you, who has never experienced a broken heart? There is deep compassion here.  Your pain is known, seen, felt and heard.  Please know that you are being held in deep love, that this experience is happening for a very powerful reason. Your broken heart is actually a strong message from your soul for you to let go of all those ideas, expectations and ideals about love.  It is a call to surrender, to let go of opinions and preferences, to release the old ways of being and loving. It is a call from your heart to heal and become wide open, even more wide open than before, for all your heart really wants to do, is made to do, is to love. Your broken heart is actually a precious gift, if you can recognize it as such.  Your broken heart actually wants with all its might, even though it may not seem like it, to be broken wide open, to be able to hold and receive and give even more love than you ever even knew existed.

Every relationship that your heart enters into is a gateway, a portal into a new universe that you are creating for yourself.  Every relationship that you are drawn to is a call for you to move into a deeper and deeper state of self-love, self-respect and self-worth. This is not selfishness as many have been led erroneously to believe.  It is instead a deep recognition and respect of your own divine self. As you begin to love yourself more, the Hermetic Law of ‘As above so below, as within so without’ begins to be activated.  What you create deep within you is mirrored back as the love in your Beloved’s eyes. You cannot truly love another if you do not have self-love. Any measure of a lack of self-love is reflected back in the vagaries of relationship. By the same token, any judgment, wound or belief is reflected back by those around us. If you have been hurt by the behavior of another, look deep within to see what issue within yourself has been reflected back to you. If you can process your shadow and use this process to continuously love yourself more, your heart will become more open and receptive to giving and receiving love, and your experiences will gradually become more enriching and rewarding.

We are conditioned by society, our culture, traditions and beliefs about what love is, what it looks like and the ways in which we want to be loved or think we want to be loved.  Many of these ideas are based on old, outworn, unrealistic expectations that may no longer serve the new model that we humans are being called to embrace. These old outworn ideas about love keep being bandied around in novels, movies, and the media.  They perpetuate a continuous trend that keeps humans in an unsustainable loop, of playing by the rules of this love game, which in essence keeps creating more broken hearts.

As humans awaken to their divine nature, they realize that sovereignty and authenticity matter more than living up to some unrealistic ideal. Being true to yourself, your guidance, and your path becomes a necessity more than an option simply because you have learned through the pain of your broken heart what happens when you are not.

This year, 2013, the Year of the Snake is a very powerful year for many, for it will mean the shedding of skins, the shedding of much – inauthenticity, irrelevancy, redundancy, that which no longer serves the higher purpose of the individual and the planet at large.  It is a dawning of a new understanding, that we as a species are all interconnected, not only to each other, but to every living creature and to the Earth herself. The process of awakening can be slow and gradual or it can be instantaneous.  The choices are ours to make.

We can use our broken hearts to our advantage, to help in our awakening process, to open ourselves up to love, to be love, to live from the heart, to embrace all forms of life with lovingness. Sadly, some people suffer from a broken heart their entire life, never being able to open up their hearts again. Society and culture do not teach us a different way of loving.  It is imperative to create your own code for loving, one that works for you. Never fear, you will find your beloved and your tribe to share your Love Code with. Share this with a friend who may be suffering from the pain of a broken heart.  We all need to learn, to grow and to help each other in lovingness.  Please remember to be kind to the one in pain.  It is in our human compassion that we learn the true meaning of love and forgiveness.

May the joyful gift of a wide-open and loving heart be yours.


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